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Squadron Staff

Youngstown ARS Composite Squadron Staff Roster

This page is a list of all current staff positions within the unit. 

Command Staff
Commander Capt Sean Beatty
Deputy Commander of Cadets 1st Lt Troy Kolar
Deputy Commander of Seniors Vacant
Squadron NCO SMSgt Tim Frease
Safety Officer 1st Lt Troy Kolar
Health Services Officer 1st Lt Kim Hughes
Administrative/Personnel Officer Vacant
Cadet Programs
Squadron Leadership Officer  Capt Megan Beatty
Cadet Orientation Program Coordinator 1st Lt Kim Hughes
Aerospace Education
Aerospace Officer 1st Lt Richard Slywczak
Assistant Aerospace Officer 1st Lt Andrew Parent
Assistant Aerospace Officer SM Isaac Foust
Emergency Services
Emergency Services Officer 1st Lt Troy Kolar
Assistant Emergency Services Officer 1st Lt Charles Gibson
Disaster Preparedness Officer Vacant
Emergency Services Training Officer Vacant
Search & Rescue Officer Vacant
Senior Member Education and Training
Education and Training Officer Capt Dave Luther
Assistant Education and Training Officer 2d Lt Sujit Pal
Finance Officer Capt Megan Beatty
Chair of Finance Committee Capt Sean Beatty
Logistics Officer Vacant
Supply Officer Vacant
Transportation Officer Vacant
Public Affairs & Marketing
Public Affairs Officer 1st Lt Stella Kanning
Assistant Public Affairs Officer Capt Sean Beatty
Recruiting & Retention Officer 1st Lt Kim Hughes
Mission Support
Communications Officer Vacant
Information Technology Officer Capt Sean Beatty
Operations Officer Vacant
Standardization/Evaluation Officer Vacant


Updated 9/1/22

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