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Description: On an Azure disc trimmed Argent, Argent trimmed Sable eagle striking in dexter chief bearing an Or lightning bolt on Azure field, an Argent trimmed bend sinister Gules from dexter base to sinister chief, Argent trimmed checky Vert and Sable in sinister base, Azure scroll at base with Argent inscription “YOUNGSTOWN ARS COMP SQ”, Azure scroll at chief with Argent inscription “LEARN LEAD SERVE”.

Significance: The diving eagle clasping a lightning bolt in its talons symbolizes fast, professional response in order to save lives and a firm grasp on technology. The lower base area with the three squares, representing participation in the three missions of the Civil Air Patrol, as well as membership in Group III of the Ohio Wing, further symbolizes ground operations. The blue upper portion represents the sky, air operations, and our parent organization - the United States Air Force. These are separated by a red bar symbolizing boldness, courage and strength in the execution of all of our missions. The major elements are trimmed in silver to reflect integrity in all of our pursuits. The bottom scroll bears the unit’s abbreviated name “YOUNGSTOWN ARS COMP SQ” and the top scroll bears the unit’s motto, “LEARN LEAD SERVE”. The motto embodies the progress each member makes through their Civil Air Patrol membership, going from novice to expert in performing missions for our country.

Emblem Designer: William Hrinko, September 2016

Squadron Motto Author: Steven Meals and voted on by the squadron, September 2016

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